SliceTruck Last Day on Sawtelle and Moving West

SliceTruck Chris

Our beloved pizza place on Sawtelle is moving. SliceTruck opened quietly on the block a few years ago. His truck was no longer and he chose to go brick and mortar. Sawtelle Blvd was still "up and coming" and it all seemed to be the right place. I'm not sure if it turned out to be just right for a pizza place, but what I do know is that his pizza is spot on. In a land of food critics, he's not exempt. There's haters, but how many pizza places make their own dough, sauce, sausage, salad dressing, and prides themselves on doing it right when there are plenty of corners to cut? Chris, pictured above, has been a fun neighbor to have. I'm a tiny bit sad to lose a neighborhood ally and fellow underdog, but his new spot at Ohio and Bundy next to 7-11 and Taco Plus will be a hit. How many stoners will park, get a Slurpee, and need a good slice? How easy will it be to park in front and eat? I can't wait.