Katsuya Terada Opening and Live Drawing

Katsuya Terada Opening reception and Live Drawing. Flickr collection.

There's a lot to say about it and maybe the photos can give it some justice. The opening reception went smoothly and unlike his previous exhibitions at GR2, Terada chose to show a survey of his work. Works and Sketches includes illustration jobs, including some from 20 years ago that's coupled with manga drawings and new works on canvas. It's not just "Hot Pot Girls," it's a varied collection of works that includes colored pencils that get cleanly textured on canvas. (Link to see his work and collection of goods)

The Live Drawing session brought out a crowd. In two hours, Terada completed a large scale drawing in front of everyone while he answered a barrage of questions. 

Terada also signed his new skateboard deck. There's only 75 of these, so get yours now! Below is Ayako Fujitani who worked hard to translate the questions and answers.