GR2: Beneficial Monsters Exhibition by Theo Ellsworth

Beneficial Monsters Theo Ellsworth
Feb 13, 2016 SATURDAY - Mar 2nd, 2016
Giant Robot 2 (GR2)
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90025

From Theo Ellsworth: 

I think of these woodcuts as totems that have a positive purpose. Each one is a creature, or an embodiment of several creatures combined. Many of them have doorways into other places, or several layers or levels to them. They are Beneficial Monsters that worked their into reality through my imagination. They are good luck spirits, celebration beasts, thought totems, funny animal guides, and  multi-dimensional beings. The process of cutting these pieces out of wood and drawing on them lifted my spirits in a world that gives a lot of cause for depression.  I hope these totem pieces can lift other people's spirits too. They are physical objects made of wood and ink, but they represent imaginary places, thoughts and ideas. I'm excited and honored to have them on the walls of Giant Robot.