"The History of Zines" Eric Nakamura on Giant Robot - by Mark Maynard

All I can say is wow. We worked on this last year. It was a slow interview. Questions asked, answers given, then more asked, and more given. It took a month or so and then there was the gathering of the photos which took too long. Yet Mark Maynard hustled through it all and kept the gas pedal down the entire time. I'm always surprised that there are zine folks who still want to talk about the 90s zine days and the indie publishing revolution. I'd figure most have forgotten about it and moved on to the arty zines of today. 

I'm glad for the opportunity to be interviewed about zines. It's something that's mostly behind me, although I still am co-teaching a Pitzer College class on Asian American zines and I still participate in the LA Zine Fest. I'm glad to have talked about distribution. I think that's something that's been left unsaid these days. Many of these folks promised a ton and delivered quite little before burning through our hard earned money. Some deserve to be locked up for their fuck ups and false promises. 

Yet, with only a few battle scars from the publishing era, I'm glad to have done it. 

Here's the link to the article. 

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