9/11 and Giant Robot Store

It's almost selfish to think about Giant Robot when 9/11 rolls around. The day marks a change in the world. Aside the pain and suffering that we've been through on every level, it's also reminds me of something good. Giant Robot Store opened not long before 9/11. We soft opened near the end of August 2001 and actually got going somewhere around that dreaded day. I remember being worried if opening a venture would be ok. At that moment the store was a huge project but no one knew what to do and how to act. For most of America, the thing to do was keep moving forward. I'm not sure if the Flight 93 phrase of "Let's Roll" is appropriate here, but that was the attitude. So on 9/11, I think about the magnitude of it's resonation and then it always drifts to my personal experience of how the journey of Giant Robot Stores began. 

The illustration above is by kozyndan. The illustration called Domo Arigato Mr Nakamura captures the first iteration of Giant Robot store on Sawtelle. That's me on the right hand side in dark blue.