GR2: Beings and Things - Godeleine de Rosamel Nov 12 - Nov 30

Godeleine de Rosamel

Beings & Things


2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025

424 - 246 - 7626

It all started a few years ago with a precise image I had of a herd of jelly-bean shaped animals. This image came from nowhere, but I followed it, and since then a variety of different species joined the group.

I begin with an idea for a new type being, adapted or evolved from reality but not close to anything that really exists. I usually draw it first and then transform the drawing into a clay figure that expresses what I had in mind. That’s how a new species is created. Sometimes I don’t like it enough to make it endure for very long. More often though, I find myself inspired to continually experiment with particular shapes in a process that through many incremental changes, produces a quite satisfying resolution, where the object ends up, at least for a while, as a successful representation of the creature I first imagined. But the perfect shape (whatever the species) doesn’t exist, and each time it eludes me. I just go back and keep trying.

I love that my work lets me play first at being the original creator of imaginary life forms, and then at enacting the evolutionary process by while they struggle to adapt and perfect themselves. As I worked on this show, I often found myself reflecting on the ongoing loss of real species we have been living through, wishing I could bring my creatures to life and repopulate our planet. Not a modest dream, but a very gratifying one.

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