Capturing What Still Glimmers Preview Images - Edwin Ushiro

GR2: Capturing What Still Glimmers - Solo Exhibition by Edwin Ushiro

2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025

June 18 - Jul 6, 2016

Exhibition Reception June 18 Sat 6:30-10pm with the artist. 

Edwin Ushiro continues on his series of capturing moments in time that are like flashes of your memory. They're endearing and at times strange. They capture the feeling and myths of Hawaii where Edwin once resided. Pieces are often created in the laborious process of mark making and painting, then scanning and outputting to acrylic, Lucite or Plexiglass and then painted once again to create a unique piece of work that transcends typical mediums.  

From Edwin Ushiro:

"...every painting focuses on the point in our lives when you make a decision that cannot be undone and/or a decision that was made for you."
Characters involved in this series: Green Lady of Wahiawa Elementary School (big piece), Ten Nyo (glowing figure), Mo'o (postcard image), the mysterious ghost jogger, and more.
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Exhibition Reception Saturday June 18 6:30-10pm with the artist.