Class of 97 Sunsets at AAIFF Aug 4th and Panel Discussion Aug 5th

Sunsets the film hasn't shown since 2009 and now at it's 20th year since it was released, it's showing at the Asian American International Film Festival in New York City. 

Surely unknown to most of you, I co-directed this feature film along with my cousin Michael Aki. Sunsets was part of the "Asian American New Wave" which was comprised of four feature films in 1997 including Shopping for Fangs (directed by Quentin Lee and Justin Lin), Yellow (directed by Chris Chan Lee), and Strawberry Fields (directed by Rea Tajiri). 

Sunsets is showing at this festival along with the other three films and my cousin and co-director Michael Aki and I will be in attendance Aug 4th 9pm at Village East Cinema and for the panel discussion with my fellow filmmakers on the subsequent day Aug 5th Sat at 4:00pm at Asia Society