Don't Break Down - The Jawbreaker Documentary and Us

Don't Break Down, The Jawbreaker documentary told the tale of the band's history, dynamics, and conclusion. It was an amazing journey through their albums and their arcs, and it all began in Southern California. I was reminded that Jawbreaker wasn't "their band" or "a band." Jawbreaker was "Our" band.

Much like The LA Dodgers or many home teams, we can say "our team," as if we fans are part owners. Jawbreaker was that for us. The band was our secret, our go to, and we'd defend them no matter what. Then like most everyone else, when their final album, Dear You came out on Geffen and appeared 99 cent bins in 1995, we thought how crappy they became. 

The weird thing is, this was their best album and incredibly refined. It turns out, "Our band" matured beyond what we could handle at the time. We band-wagoned like none other and jumped off. A few years later when it was too late, Jawbreaker became "Our band" once again, and we've been waiting for them ever since. 

Last night at the Q and A, Jawbreaker announced they'll be playing more shows to a loud applause.

Congrats to Our Band. We owe them one. 


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