Jawbreaker Day with Drummer Adam Pfahler 2016

Jawbreaker Day 2016 The 20th anniversary of their final album, Dear You is complete. We had it scheduled in 2015 - the producer Rob Cavallo couldn't make it, then again earlier this year, but Adam fell ill, but this time it worked out and Rob Cavallo couldn't make it anyway. It turns out the day was fine without him. 

The first thing I need to say is that I'm incredibly proud of events like this. It's not that it's fun to hear stories told by a member of one of your favorite bands of all time, it's more about the people, some of whom you knew well and some just in passing for decades who once again got together. We need more times like these. 

Adam Pfahler began by bringing his own band's signature donuts, "Javabreaker" from Donut Friend of Highland Park. Along with coffee, stickers, zine, and buttons, the day got underway. 

The talk began quickly, he dove into the documentary, a video clip and a little bit of talk about the album itself. The nice part was the story began with the end of the band. Their influence and how their final album which was hated at the time became the most loved. How many times in our lifetime will something like this even happen? Some of the audience lived through this, seeing the album available for $1 practically the day it went on sale. Then today, all ages packed a room to listen and "feel" the last vestiges of the band. Will they be back? They've actually talked about it, so we'll see.

There's video at bottom if you want to hear the talk.

For more photos see the flickr album!

Below is George Chen who is now doing comedy and lives in LA. He was part of a zine called Zum and helped develop a comedy night at Adam Pfahler's shop, Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco. His wife is on the right, and their their friend nudged in between.

It was very standing room only in the shop! 

...And there's video! Not great video and not great audio, but for those who missed it, you can get a taste of Adam Pfahler's story telling. His humor and kindness is infectious. 

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