Game Night - Giant Robot x San Jose Museum of Art

Game Night went wheels up and landed at San Jose Museum of Art on June 16, 2016 with Nick Crockett Um TV Pals and Wyatt Sanders Ping. The San Jose Museum of Art is currently exhibiting Japanese contemporary artist, Tabaimo Her Room and an exhibition of work about the US Mexico border, Border Cantos.

The concept of the evening was to accompany Tabaimo's exhibition with something different. Her projected animated screens were mirrored just a bit by indie videogames. The interesting element that grew out of mashing different events which included San Jose Taiko who were to perform improvised sounds and performance with Tabaimo's videos, they then branched off and collaborated with the games. 

When does Taiko and videogames come together? This was that time. Artistic Director of San Jose Taiko, Franco Imperial prepped his four teams and had a few words with the developers and created vibes, moods, and sounds that went with the projections. Of course the game players were glued to the games and many were enjoying the mash up.

for more photos see the Flickr set.

Above: Nick Crockett shares some ideas to the Taiko team. / Below: Franco Imperial talks to his teams.

Above: Dandiggity Le / Below: Polaroid Jay

Above: Sherrill Ingals and Robin Treen from San Jose Museum of Art / Below: Wyatt Sanders helps someone play Ping. 

Above: Rory Padeken, Associate Curator speaks about Tabaimo / Below: Nick Crockett speaks to a kid who makes game suggestions!

Below: a great drawing that was left behind.