Giant Robot at Designer Con Day 2 - Tons of Creators and Artist Friends

I see Jerome Lu a few times a year and he's a fan of all sorts. I tried to mimic his face and it took some effort. He has pointy eyebrows and a new born child waiting for him at home. I found out he drove back right after DesignerCon ended to make it home. 

Although I saw many more than the folks I photographed in the two days, I saw that so many more showed up and I didn't see them. I wish I did. 

Jacky Jiang will have a solo exhibition at GR2 in february. This dude is talented. He's autokite on Instagram. 

 Hellen Jo stopped by. She's the best. See her at GR2 soon, but also maybe in 2018.

That's Rob Clayton and Aaron Smith. Two Art Center and Art legends. 

Christine Ziemba formerly of the laist - broke down other types 

The drawing champ of Designer Con, Linnea Strid.

Gargamel and Misty Fog toys. Gargamel continues to bring out the great customs. Kiyoka is the legend.

This was the crowd for the Gargamel raffle. The funny thing is that the raffle was in about 25 minutes, but they were waiting anyway. 

That's Koji and Mike.

Mark Nagata, look for his arts and toys at JANM in 2018. 


Candie Bolton!

Bigfoot. He might as well move to Japan.

TAG! These guys are awesome. 

Where's Misha!? But I did see her booth! 

Giant Kaiju. What the heck?!



UAMAO Ayako. 

CBNC! Lovely always.

Jeff Soto. 

Selling them toys. Pimps.

Steve Enky.



Kavet. Named after Dick Cavett. 

7 Sketches. 

Dov. The legend. 

Horriible Adorables.

Edward Lee. 

JRyu and Woes (I can't remember what sweater this is. Is it Theo Huxtable? Fresh Prince?) 

Leecifer! Take it to new heights.

Luke Chueh. The man who Saved toys in LA.