Giant Robot at JANM Kokoro Craft Boutique 2017

Another year goes by quickly and the beginning of October means Kokoro Craft Boutique at the Japanese American National Museum. This year because of an exhibition taking up some lobby space we were placed in our favorite spot upstairs. It's hotter, smaller, and when it's packed downstairs, it's empty upstairs. When it's empty downstairs, it's about the same up. But with this griping comes with the fact that it's all good and it somehow evens out. 

And then Tamlyn Tomita shows up! Catch her on The Good Doctor on ABC.

That's Yasuko Ozawa 



The volunteer's table is always the most fun. You don't know what'll be there. 

Tom Nakanishi and Valerie Matsumoto.

No one smiles as large as Sean Chao! 

That's me and Ann Ito - my 3rd grade teacher. She's cool. Until I figured out who she was, I've always wondered where she went and what she did. Now, I hope that I'll run into her once in a while. 3rd grade sounds like a long time ago and she was a young teacher who then took maternity leave soon after and then transferred to another school. I have no idea what I learned in 3rd grade and I wonder if she knows how some of the other teachers lived the rest of their lives. I feel like I might have written about her once before, but once more won't hurt.