Giant Robot at SDCC 2019

It was the first time having Katsuya Terada at our Giant Robot SDCC booth and it was amazing. While we carried our normal wares of pins, Totoro, shirts, Flat Bonnie, and James Jean Memu I and II, we also had an artist guest behind us. Amazing times and great to see Lauren Tsai at our booth for a while. 

Many more photos located here

That's Aaron Brown, a many year veteran of SDCC and GR.

That's Terada, Myself and Yoskay Yamamoto, right after the Terada Live Digital Draw Panel which featured a huge amount of guests. The room was huge and the turnout was amazing as well. It's technically a panel, however it was more of a Q and A and a live draw. Great questions the entire way and thanks to Yoskay Yamamoto for the translation.