Haunted Helpers Solo Exhibition by Theo Ellsworth

Haunted Helpers

Solo Exhibition by Theo Ellsworth

June 10 - July 5th

GR2 - 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025

Theo Ellsworth will be in attendance. 

From Theo Ellsworth:

"Making woodcut art is an incredibly satisfying process for me and it's a much needed outlet for my hyper-active imagination. I put a lot of care and detail into every piece and I never quite know what they're going to be until after I've cut out the wood and started drawing.

I think of my woodcut characters as positive yet mischievous spirits. They can take the form of multi-dimensional beings, wild animal spirits, inner-space explorers, celebration beasts, living architecture, mutant children, or ghost guides. With every new piece, I'm seeking to bend reality a little and see the world through a richer, more colorful lens."