In Flux - Art Exhibition Jan 13-Jan 31

Cassia Lupo's work is inspired by the details in nature that can only be seen by bending down and looking closely. She takes pleasure in contemplating the many meanings that can be inspired by simple images - from life to death, to human emotion. She currently curates art shows with local Los Angeles artists at Giant Robot Store. Cassia Lupo is an alumna of ArtCenter College of Design

Tetsunori Tawaraya is a remarkably talented artist, crafting incredible composition and sketch pieces which are showcased worldwide. Tetsunori’s art is born out of his home studio in Tokyo, Japan. he young artist began his career drawing portraits, comics, and creating promotional flyers in the San Diego area during the late 90’s. Tetsunori’s comic creations have inspired stuffed animals, led to features in countless art installations, and have been included in international publications such as Hollow Press (Italy), Le Dernier Cri (France), and Colour Code (Canada).

Born in Kagawa, Japan, Yusei Abe moved to California at the age of eighteen. He is an illustrator and fine art printmaker. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Art from California State University, Long Beach, specializing in illustration. His artwork is influenced by Japanese and European mythology as well as fairy tales he read during his childhood. His work is rich in detail, and favors to create his artwork in black and white. He uses very fine pen and ink as his favorite medium in the most of his artwork. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Originally from New Jersey, Tim Furey graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2009. His work is full of texture, shapes, neon colors and best of all aliens! Combining a wide array of media in his collages he creates psychedelically-hued interiors, still life scenes and narratives that hint at the story without giving away the plot. Inexpensive craft paper, holographic stickers and crayon scribbles combine to create images that are both primitive and futuristic. He is currently working on a colorful series of ornate typography.

From the artist:
"The work I did for "In Flux" came from a tubular design that kept popping up in past illustrations. The design had a really interesting visual movement that I wanted to explore in smaller pencil renderings. Each drawing is about 9" x 12". Each drawing, however, has its own unique mood and visual language.”