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In Flux - Proud of the Kids who Make Art

That's Cassia Lupo and Yusei Abe who are the artists in attendance for In Flux. It was their opening and and I have to thank them for working hard to create work for everyone to enjoy, judge, and ponder. I love seeing new faces who have come to support their friends. We have tiny milestones every so often and if I'm was lucky to have hosted one for some artists tonight, then that's cool.  On top of the opening, I spent part of the day cleaning up. I'm a horrible organizer and I'm trying to work on this just a little bit. 

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In Flux - Art Exhibition Jan 13-Jan 31

Cassia Lupo's work is inspired by the details in nature that can only be seen by bending down and looking closely. She takes pleasure in contemplating the many meanings that can be inspired by simple images - from life to death, to human emotion. She currently curates art shows with local Los Angeles artists at Giant Robot Store. Cassia Lupo is an alumna of ArtCenter College of Design. Tetsunori Tawaraya is a remarkably talented artist, crafting incredible composition and sketch pieces which are showcased worldwide. Tetsunori’s art is born out of his home studio in Tokyo, Japan. he young artist began his career drawing portraits, comics, and creating promotional flyers in the San Diego area during the late 90’s. Tetsunori’s comic creations have...

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Giant Robot Store Art Exhibition - FRUIT SALAD Sept 30 - Nov 8, 2017

Giant Robot Store 2015 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 FRUIT SALAD Art Exhibition Sept 30 - Nov 8, 2017 Reception Sat Sept 30th 6:30 - 10pm Aaron Brown, Aaron Piland, Alexander Vidal, Alex Kao, Ann Shen, Benjie Escobar, Brian Luong, Bryan Wong, Cassia Lupo, Dana Duncan, Eunice San Miguel, Flat Bonnie, Jeff McMillan, Jeni Yang, Joey Stupor, Jon Lau, Junyi Wu, Justine Lin, Junko Ogawa, Kevin Luong, Lisa Kogawa, Lisa Perrin, Lisa Vanin, Luke Chueh, Maggie Chiang, Mari Inukai, Mayuko Nakamura, Nikki Longfish, Nancy Chiu, Naoshi, Nellie Le, Peter Chan, Sanaa Khan, Sean Chao, Stasia Burrington, Sweaty Taxidermy, TheLittleLabs, Theo Ellsworth, Tiffany Liu, Yu Maeda

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