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Q&A With Author Matthew Salesses

A swimmingly excellent novel. I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying is a new novel in flash fiction by Matthew Salesses. In 115 chapters, all shorter than a page and some as short as five lines of text, Salesses details a man’s life that is simultaneously falling apart and coming together. A boy who is apparently his moves in with him after the mother passes away. Yet the man continues to juggle two affairs on the side while maintaining a passable relationship with “the wifely woman.” Meanwhile, his career advances, with no discernible effort on his part. Possibly medicated (prescribed and otherwise) into ambivalence, the narrator puts in appearances where and when necessary most of the time, trying to stave off...

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RIP Ray Bradbury

A man who influenced Sci-fi and fantasy in some of the greatest ways, has passed away. Instead of writing about unicorns in space, he actually wrote satirical novels that were at times freaky. The coolest thing about Bradbury is that he appeared locally in LA often. His most popular, Fahrenheit 451 and Martian Chronicles are nearly required reading at schools. (LA Times – Ray Bradbury)

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