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Film Reviews: The Dynamiter and Sawdust City

The Dynamiter – Director Matthew Gordon It’s rural Mississippi. The film centers around a young boy, played by William Ruffin who is 14 and trying to survive along with his younger half brother and aging grandma in their serious hick shack. Ruffin is an oddly  muscular young kid who played gripping role as a young man thrust into being a mom, a dad, and a responsible provider. Yet you forget that even though he’s living in the “rough and tumble” hick land of inner Mississippi, he’s just a poor kid with no real income and an older brother who plays the role of an ass, but actually qualifies it by saying he does no different than anyone else. Decisions are...

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Ready for Kazakhstan Cinema?

Kazakhstan Cinema? What’s there besides Borat? He single handedly brought this country out of it’s middle of nowhere ness and brought it to the masses in a way that no one from Kazakhstan can be proud of. He doesn’t even look like he’s from there. There is a budding film industry that maybe you want to get to know a little more of, but judging by the still image on the left, they’re a ways to go. Surely there’s some gems in the mix, but it seems like a far away place and a far away chance of success, at least in the west. (Businessweek - Kazakhstan Cinema)

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