Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

I have to admit I was a little hesitant about attending sound check on Wednesday night at The Troubadour. Asobi Seksu's sound is famously dreamy, sweeping, and otherworldly. And their promotional videos and packaging look like they come from an art movie. Did I really want to see the ethereal New Yorkers, fresh off the road in jeans and T-shirts testing mics? Yet I couldn't pass up a chance to finally meet James Hanna and Yuki Chikudate, who, backed by bassist Billy Pavone and drummer Larry Gorman, are a live force to be reckoned with. After the room's sound was tweaked to the band's liking, we caught up in the green room. Our degrees of separation were already less than two, and had to be eliminated sooner or later. GR: It's a little weird to finally meet you because I feel like I already know you from listening to your music for so long and also through last year's Kickstarter campaign. YC: Thanks for your support! I noticed that you contributed… GR: And also because I know Aaron Stewart-Ahn and Dan-ah Kim, who directed your “Me and Mary” video. How do you know them? YC: Sean McCabe, who did all of our artwork until this album, was DJing somewhere and played one of our songs. Aaron went up to him and said, “I love this band.” Sean said, “Really? I'm really good friends with them.” And Aaron said, “Really? I want to make a video for them. Can you put me in touch?” It was a random run-in that came together. <br /> <br />
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