Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

MSG is Madison Square Garden a capacity 19,000 seat arena and it’s a band that has no radio play or mainstream television access in the US. Instead, it’s all via anime fans, which is the only possible way this band could be so huge in a place that isn’t helping them out at all. The music is subpar hybrid of 80s glam metal, but their look at style is 2012 and beyond. Of course, the YouTube generation can easily figure out their songs and what the crowd does in unison. In Japan, the crowd is so in tune with the songs they have sync’d gestures that doesn’t require an MC to tell them to “wave your hands in the air”. They already know it. In Japan they can sell out arenas as can old timers X Japan, but somehow this all translates in the US. The fans might not be your garden variety Metallica concert goers, this will be a hybrid of it’s own that won’t be fan boys or girls. Instead it’ll be more like a movement, a gathering of people who are into Japanese popular culture. They don’t have to like the music, but the crowd is powered by a lifestyle. Want to see an hour + of them? [youtube]u61Cn3y2Oyw[/youtube]
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