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Post It Show 13 Line Has Started! It Began Wednesday at Midnight

This gentleman is into it for the long haul.  Saturday - Post It Show 1312-2:45pm PREVIEW for the Work (long line - and we might open it earlier)  3pm SALES begin - We often let in a group at a time. Buy as many as you like, but just 1 artist per customer. 6-10pm Artist's RECEPTION (It's way more chill later)We will not presale any Post It art. No phone orders. No.

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Post it Show 13 December 2nd - December 10th, 2017

Erin Althea, Vince Aparo, Anthony Ausgang, Jordan Awan, Rina Ayuyang, Ana Bagayan, Scott Bakal, Dan Barry, Alla Bartoshchuk, Gary Baseman, Tuesday Bassen, Melinda Beavers, Melinda Beck , Maria Beddia, Deirdre Sullivan Beeman, Mary Bergherr, Mike Bertino, Candie Bolton, Steff Bomb, Tuna Bora, Melinda Boyce, Andrew Brandou, Julianna Brion, Lou Brooks, Aaron Brown, Calef Brown, Travis Bruce, Nicole Bruckman, Ryan Bubnis, Stefan Bucher, Meredith Burgeson, Erin Burrell, Stasia Burrington, C.M. Butzer, Michael Byers, John Jay Cabuay, Brian Cairns, Julian Callos, Caitlin Canchola, Sophie Cangelosi, Ako Castuera, Martin Cendreda, Graham Chaffee, Janet Chan, Kevin Chan, Peter Chan, Jason Chang, Mimi Chao, Sean Chao, Monico Chavez, Shawn Cheng, Christine Cheung, Brenda Chi, Maggie Chiang, Dayoung Cho, Ryan Cho, Mike Choi, Dawni Chong, Elaine...

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