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  The Bronze! This movie, Chinese Zodiacs comes out 12.12.12 and it’s supposedly Jackie’s last action movie. It’s no secret that his body is severely beat up from the years of stunts gone wrong. He’s retiring from action movies which then leaves the next question. What will he do in front of the camera? He’s already of legendary status and maybe one of the greatest on screen martial artists in history. His credentials may never be broken. What’s left? Comedy (he’s a funny man, but will it translate outside of China? His English is about the same from the 80s) Love stories (see Jackie kiss a woman correctly on screen which is something he hasn’t gotten right yet) or Drama (a tough sell when he’s as typecast as any actor can be. He can’t be taken seriously, or can he?)   [youtube]6Y_XpS0lbAI[/youtube]
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