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Upcoming Doc Film: The Delano Manongs: Forgotten Heroes of the UFW (United Farm Workers)

The Delano Manongs: Forgotten Heroes of the UFW (United Farm Workers) Cesar Chavez day just passed and some of you might have had a holiday. Yes, he get a holiday, but what about the Pilipinos who were setting up the unions. In fact, the Pilipinos were setting up a protest (1965 Grape Strike) and then that’s when the Mexicans joined in. Larry Itliong looks bad ass in this and no one really knows who he is. I’ll admit at the Smithsonian Advisory Panel I tried to help at, his name came up a few times. Yes, I know some of the players, but I didn’t know who he was. Where was he in my history books? This doc should change...

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Not a vampire Movie – Shunji Iwai’s Vampire

I remember Shunji telling me that this isn’t a film about Vampires. The traditional notion of a Vampire movie especially in today’s post Twilight world is that of a bad teenage trend. Perhaps he meant that his film isn’t related to the hipster Hollywood-ization of Dracula, because it’s not. Societies of the cheesy, cape donning vampire with sharp incisors might exist in the underground world, but what if a Vampire was a sensitive, quiet, and shy type of guy? What if he was a regular person with the need for blood? Shunji Iwai, explores the notion of a Vampire who’s not out to bite necks and goth in black, but has the need for blood. The film exists on multiple...

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