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New Boris “New Album” Promises Optimism – Hear It

Boris in J Pop style! I’ve always thought of them as being on the edge of dangerous, from mellow to thick. They were like a modern day Black Sabbath, but this album, New Album is a strange pop hybrid that’s less rock, more J Pop. What happened? Without insulting the trio, the first thing I thought of was Attack Attack, which isn’t good. Yet the album finds some marks here and there and gets shoegaze with “Spoon”. I am hearing anime soundtrack music and undefinable take on contemporary top 40. Click on the link to hear it. (Spin – Boris)

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Jawbreaker T Shirt – When it Pains it Roars

The great, the influential, the band, the myth… Jawbreaker. Their shirts are back in stock. It’s the infamous When it Pains it Roars shirt. Kurdt Cobain was once seen wearing it, and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. If you don’t know the band, do check out some of their songs. Inexpensive at $20 and a holiday pleaser.   [youtube]Cwyh9cCUzRI[/youtube]    

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