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GridLink at The Roxy

When I interviewed Jon Chang for Giant Robot 56 in 2008, I was under the impression that there was no way I’d ever get to see his bands GridLink or Haiyano Daisuki. Jon was busy with his work in videogames and his family, and his bands are spread across continents. The mastermind behind the insanely technical, fast-as-shit otaku-influence brand of grindcore and thrash couldn’t guarantee a tour ever happening, so I settled for a phoner. Just like his music, Chang was intense, honest, interested in everything, and sometimes even humble. “People are lucky to make one or two great things in their life,” he told me. “The second Yamato film is amazing and the rest are good but don’t approach it. And Slayer made Reign in Blood and continue to make good music, but are they ever going to make another Reign in Blood?”

Phobia opening for GridLink at The Roxy

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