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Who Invented the Soy Sauce Container?

The wide based shape and narrow top is obviously to prevent spills of the potent stain maker which the article doesn’t bother mentioning. Kenji Ekuan of GK Design created this over a three year span and it was introduced in 1961. He’s an unsung designer in a way, since the shape is nearly ubiquitous with soy sauce containers. (NY Times – Soy Sauce Container)

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Stink Bugs Killing Soy Beans

Kudzu Bug will infect your stinky tofu, soysauce, and edamame. This bug must be stopped. Giving it the stink eye will do nothing. Currently it’s attacking crop in the midwest. Like the Asian carp that’s ruining the ecosystem up the Mississippi, this invader is also from Asia, go figure, but you can’t eat this one. This is a member of the stink bug family.┬áMegacopta cribrari is the name and it’s strong, evil, stinky, and eats away at the stems of the plant so the nutrients from growth get hampered. Chemicals, yes, healthy for you? No. (Columbus Dispatch – Stink Bug)

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