Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Elevate, a project in conjunction with artist, Stephen Glassman went from an art project benefit, to a full fledged happening. When you think of downtown loft rooftops, helicopter, Nels Cline, modern dance, does it mesh with Giant Robot? We came in nearer to the finish line, and provided art video games and our new MobiMovi concept of making short films with a cellphone camera. Being in LA, and in media, we’ve seen nearly everything, yet the crescendo to the Elevated event was a one of the ages. Nels Cline is a guitar god, but has he ever played alongside with the chaotic sound of a hovering helicopter who flashed a spotlight? Probably not. It sounded awesome. Meanwhile, Sarah Elgart performed modern dance. That’s what happened. Photos can’t capture the sound, but maybe a short bit of video can. Photos by Dean Gojobori, DJ Tony Jr and Myself.
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