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Shawn Cheng Artist Interview

Shawn Cheng is part of Superunnatural, an exhibition at GR2. I've worked with Shawn for numerous years however, we only met once as part of the Worcester Art Museum exhibition, Samurai! which took place in 2015. Residing in New York, Shawn Cheng is known for his indie comic work often with deluxe silkscreen printed covers to his complicated works often depicting Japanese folk and mythical monsters, yokai. I interviewed Shawn Cheng via email and this short e-conversation was long overdue.  Giant Robot: Once and for all, can you explain your process? I’ve heard it from you a few times now, and in the end, I need to have it one more time. Shawn Cheng: Yeah, so this is the technique...

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Superunnatural at GR2 Reception Photos

Giant Robot 2 exhibitions keep trucking on. We hold a lot of receptions for events and each one is different. This one featured the work of five artists. Kelsey Beckett, Elliot Brown, Peter Chan, Shawn Cheng, and Rebecca Green and the work looked great together. I'm proud to keep holding these exhibitions and can't thank these artists enough. The works look great. (Flickr set) Elliot Brown! Peter Chan and Posse!

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