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Hawaii from above. Flying in, it’s great to see the green hue of the water. It’s like visiting another country. I often refer to the continental US as America, but then what’s Hawaii? It’s a bad habit, but it’s that different. In fact, Asians can often grow up here without the same racism that exists in “America”. I’m here for HIFF, the Hawaii International Film Festival where I’m on the jury for best feature film. Here’s a few highlights from day 1. Of course, jumping into the water early in the morning before most are awake and seeing the sunrise, is the way to go. I do this daily.

There’s Goh Nakamura, Anderson Le, Gary Chou, and David Boyle. Their screening took place sunday.

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Director Dave Boyle with his next film budget. Dave Boyle has made three feature films including Big Dreams, Little Tokyo, White on Rice, and Surrogate Valentine which is currently touring film festivals. Surrogate Valentine stars musician Goh Nakamura and debuted at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin and has shown at film festivals including Cleveland International, Seattle International, Dallas International, Bamfest, and San Francisco International Asian American. In this podcast, Boyle explains how he’s fluent in Japanese, why his films feature Asian Americans, how he’s come up with his movie ideas, filmmaking, and what projects he’s working on next.   Giant Robot Podcast: Director Dave Boyle by realgiantrobot
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Put it up on the glass: Surrogate Valentine poster framed and hanging in Brooklyn Academy of Music’s cinema.

Surrogate Valentine debuted in New York last Thursday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music‘s BAMCinemaFest of new films. The film’s stars came out and shone along with all the East Coast Asian Pacific American stars.

Director Dave Boyle (left) and star Goh Nakamura (right) introduce the film, explain they’ll be drinking during the screening but will return after for a Q&A.

The film’s over and they’re back, joined by co-executive producer, Michael Lerman.

The women of Surrogate Valentine step up: left to right, Di Quon, Mary Cavett and Lynn Chen. Co-writer Joel Clark has snuck in on the far right.

Di gets goofy.

Goh is the best. He’s like when Beyonce is both the guest star and the musical guest on SNL.

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