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At E3, it’s all about Motion Games. Seriously, what is as boring as playing a game on a flat screen? (It’s actually fine either way), but at a convention like E3, the eye catchy kinetic energy happens when people are running around, dancing around, and swinging their arms. It doesn’t help that often times, the people doing it are wearing tights. Even the UFC Personal Fitness Trainer as seen below is demonstrated by a team of buffed out ladies. The one below could score a take down, mount, and then a ground and pound. Some of you would let her do it and enjoy getting pummeled. With her game faced, cold stare pose, you’re doomed. But this is actually an exercise game for the X-Box Kinect. Other Highlights? The Kinect software is looking like fun, and the weird thing is, it’s handled like it’s own new planet. I saw Disneyland Adventures, which didn’t move as well as I wished, but it looks like fun for the kids. Kinect Star Wars was fun, swing the light sabers and jump, kick, and keep moving forward. You can use the force by reaching back and pushing forward. You can lift ships out of your way. Yes, this part… it’s cool. (there’s no real point in showing photos but these are good for the kids.) Kinect Fun Labs. Yes, it’s free and it’s part of an endeavor to tie you more into the system. Like the 3DS, you can create a Mii in minutes. No more of the 1 hour wait time while you get your hair just right. This cuts to the chase.

Hulk Hogan was there to promote his Hulk Hogan’s Main Event game. Another for the Kinect. People are racing to take a photo of him.


That’s Chilan Lieu who’s working on a new show on HG, and was there for I tagged along for meetings with Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Yoostar!

The holy grail of the entire E3 event. That’s the Wii U and it’s playing the upcoming Zelda, or at least a part of it.  Thicker than an iPad, this is part of the new console. There’s a few more photos of it and with it in the photo collection after the jump. It seems like a retro looking device for some reason. Almost like it’s new/old done on purpose. This is just the special controller. The neat thing is that it’s used in some games as a special controller, almost like a Dungeon Master in a AD&D game. You see a little more than the others. Also it’s reported that you’ll be able to use this to play the games away from your TV, draw on the pad, surf the web, and use it nearly like a tablet. The Wii U looks like a bunch of fun. I’m still thinking it’s design could be a little tighter.


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