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This view of the tsunami shows a moment in a small town at ground level. The locals are running and they probably have no idea how bad or large it really is. Imagine that it’s only water, you can swim in it and it’s rising. It won’t reach that high. It’s behind us, and the worst is over. Yet this one builds momentum as it gets pinched between buildings. There’s an older man who’s walking on the left side of the street. He’ll be fine, the water is still far behind. People know he’s there, but they’re moving as fast as they can. I watch thinking, I’d have maybe given him a lift since he could do no more than walk. At perhaps 120 lbs, could I have carried him up a hill? The video cuts at the exact moment where everything gets worse. Did the camera person think, “I could do something” and shut off the camera but then realized in seconds the opportunity disappeared? The people are frozen in their tracks as they watch the elderly man cling to a building. They can’t reach him. They should be running, but their humanity is telling them to wait and try. Maybe the debris of cars smashing into each other will subside and they could help. The buildings begin to get lifted off of their foundations, and alas there is nothing they could do except run.   [youtube]BAuWa77vYDU[/youtube]   Saw this one on Reddit.
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