The Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat Pin

The challenge of designing something outside of my typical comfort zone resulted in this maneki neko or lucky cat pin. It would be easy to redesign the statue that you see in shops everywhere, but what's the point of that? It would look like something that's been done 1000s of times. I wanted to do something old with a new twist. I'm not sure if this actually works or not, but being a shop owner, a maneki neko is part of the territory. 

Will a maneki neko bring in good enough fortune to make a shop be more successful? Surely plenty who had one of these prominently displayed failed, but for some reason it's something that means more than it can promise. That feeling of having it gives you an artificial feeling of hope, and everyone who sees it knows what it's for. Giant Robot has had a maneki neko before and frankly as of this writing, I don't recall if it's currently there or not. Yet having maneki neko pins fill that void. And yes, the lucky cats glow in the dark! Get yours today.