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The Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat Pin

The challenge of designing something outside of my typical comfort zone resulted in this maneki neko or lucky cat pin. It would be easy to redesign the statue that you see in shops everywhere, but what's the point of that? It would look like something that's been done 1000s of times. I wanted to do something old with a new twist. I'm not sure if this actually works or not, but being a shop owner, a maneki neko is part of the territory.  Will a maneki neko bring in good enough fortune to make a shop be more successful? Surely plenty who had one of these prominently displayed failed, but for some reason it's something that means more than it...

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Cats and Maneki Neko in Japan

Fun little exploration of cats in Tokyo. Could it have gone deeper of course, but maneki neko are fun regardless. He even visited Calico Cafe. Take a look at our story about the place. Japan loves cats and gladly I’ve never heard of cats being eaten as much as dogs, anywhere. (CNN blogs – Travel)

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Giant Robot Store – Cute Japanese “Stuff” Solar Maneki Cat and Pencils!

Giant Robot Store products, new and in stock! Maneki Cat. ($21) will nod it’s head and arm wishing you constant luck and enjoyment. It’ll work by your desk, kitchen, nightstand as long as you have a little bit of light. It’s solar.     Mini Colored Pencils. ($4.50) From Japan where tiny items like this make life fun. Yes, it stays nice in a tiny tube. Less than two inches tall and will go well with a Moleskine sketchbook. You never know when inspiration will happen.   Cigarette Pencils. ($1.50 ea) Yes, these really do fool people! They’re the exact size of a smoke. We can’t tell you how many people pick this up thinking it’s something they can smoke, and then we can’t explain...

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