Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Giant Robot Store products, new and in stock! Maneki Cat. ($21) will nod it’s head and arm wishing you constant luck and enjoyment. It’ll work by your desk, kitchen, nightstand as long as you have a little bit of light. It’s solar.     Mini Colored Pencils. ($4.50) From Japan where tiny items like this make life fun. Yes, it stays nice in a tiny tube. Less than two inches tall and will go well with a Moleskine sketchbook. You never know when inspiration will happen.   Cigarette Pencils. ($1.50 ea) Yes, these really do fool people! They’re the exact size of a smoke. We can’t tell you how many people pick this up thinking it’s something they can smoke, and then we can’t explain how surprised people are at how they were fooled.
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