Silent Wonderment - Exploring the World of Giant Robot at VPAM Reception

Vincent Price Art Museum at East LA College. It was a fun ride to get to the opening night and it all worked smoothly. We even brought in a crowd that numbers more than double the typical opening bordering on one of their largest crowds. I'm always thankful for the crowds who get stoked on the exhibition. It's through the hard work of the artists, the social networking, and the overall love everyone puts into their work that makes this happen. I'm beholden to it all.

I’m also thankful for the experience. Each exhibition adds a little more and the fun moments that come with it all are what it's about. I have to remember that it's still work. Careers are being worked on from both sides, futures are being built, and I'm in the middle enjoying the ride.

The title isn't quite just a title, it was a difficult one to figure out. Wonderment is obvious. The artists are doing astonishing things. Silent because we're hardly boisterous about things. We don't blast something that's not as large as it is – there's too much of that already. There's plenty of back-patting and ass kissing for mediocrity. You know it, it's out there. I hope to meet peoples expectations and surpass it. Our shows aren't loud, they're often mellow and quiet. We don't intend to entertain with anything else but the art itself. We try anyway. 

It was a fun night and I'm amazed that I can be part of it all. 

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Sean Chao, Andrew Hem, Nathan Ota, myself, Victor Parra, Sharktoof, Jorge Claustro

Part of Albert Reyes's installation

Rob and Ako's area

A visit to Matt Furie

Rob and Ako's area

Rob Sato doing a sketch.

After party that I wasn't invited to. haha.

Yoskay Yamamoto explaining the house

Some live sounds

Return of the Quack

Tiny Splendor

The clan of Ako Castuera

Tiny Splendor

That's Ayako Fujitani and Amanda Plummer

This shot has Mari Inukai and Yoskay Yamamoto