Giant Robot Time: 8.30.13 – Kozyndan exhibition opens next Sat. 9.7 at GR2!

 giant robot time: 8.30.13 | art by: martin hsu


End of Summer Never Ends

New works by Kozyndan (featuring Leah Chun)

September 7 – September 25, 2013

Reception: Saturday, September 7, 6:30 – 10 PM

It’s been years since artist duo kozyndan has exhibited in their home city of Los Angeles. In fact, it was more than a decade ago since their first exhibition at the Giant Robot store which then prompted the opening of Giant Robot 2. We’ll be seeing a new range of work, from their paintings to their newer craft of sculpture. Their influence from their worldly travels will continue and they’ll also have a special guest artist and collaborator, Leah Chun who’s works are driven by popular culture. End of Summer Never Ends will continue the legacy of the artist duo.




Mini Collectible Vinyl Figures

Choose from seven varieties of Android (Big Box Edition 1) mini collectible vinyl figures.

Becca Stadtlander

Blank Cards

Serene and beautiful images captured first in watercolor then in card form.

Nikki McClure


We have a wonderful assortment of posters from artist Nikki McClure featuring artwork that is made by cutting paper.

Theo Ellsworth – Zines

Logic Storm, Imaginary Homework, and more

The artist who often shows at our GR2 gallery also publishes his own  imaginative zines.


Foodie Garden


Grow three different types of either basil, tomatoes, or peppers in one home planter.



Grow your own plant by simply cracking it open and watering.


Self-Watering Mini Planters

The incredibly cute and popular self-watering mini planters are back in the store!





FYF 2013: Day 1, Day 2, and bonus pics


I happen to think this year’s Los Angeles music festival really is the best weekend of summer (not counting Comic-Con) and don’t have to point any further than the long-awaited appearance of FLAG.


Filmage (Descendents documentary) secret screening in Long Beach


I was invited to attend the “family and friends” screening of Filmage, a documentary about the Descendents and ALL.


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