Giant Robot Time: 8.16.13 – Stories opening reception this Sat. 8.17 at GR2!

giant robot time: 8.16.13 | art by: edwin ushiro


Stories – A Group Exhibition

August 17 – September 4, 2013

Reception: Saturday, August 17, 6:30 –10 PM

Giant Robot is proud to present Stories, an art show featuring new works by Edwin Ushiro, Jen Tong, Jeni Yang, Martin Hsu, Sean Chao and Tessar Lo.

The commonality of the artists is simply that they’re operating in a similar art environment although they’re located in different parts of North America. Edwin Ushiro, originally from Hawaii draws sublime imagery that often appear dark in message, yet are at times as light as can be. East Coaster, Jen Tong creates imagery that’s reminiscent of a world that’s something like Miyazaki meeting Moebius. Jeni Yang, a consistent exhibitor at Giant Robot works with wood and imagery that includes both cats and snacks. Martin Hsu, now in San Francisco is the creator of Dragon Boy creates a fantasy world that’s screaming to be animated. Sean Chao creates tiny worlds in diorama form. Tessar Lo, from Toronto draws freely and has honed his style that mixes both composition and abstractness.


Yoskay Yamamoto

Sleepin’ Handmade Pins

Artist Yoskay Yamamoto’s hand cast resin pins are in! He brought them to our Comicon 2013 booth and now they are online. Each is uniquely hand painted.

Terrarium Bottle


Grow your own moss in this bottle terrarium. Nothing makes your living space, well, more full of life than a terrarium.

Giant Robot

Big Boss Robot Hats

Keep cool this Labor Day with these slick snap closure hats that feature Big Boss Robot’s classic angry stare.


Pen Zipper Case

Simple canvas zipper closure pen case from Delfonics. Available in multiple colors.

Pantone Universe


Perfect for people who appreciate graphic design or simply beautiful colors, which is everyone.





Stargazing: Perseid Meteor Shower


The best meteor shower visible to us is undoubtedly the Perseids. Once you remove yourself out of the rays of the city lights, the stars suddenly appear.


GR: Uglydoll x Hello Kitty Signing: David Horvath


Thank you to all the wonderful Uglydoll fans for another wonderful day on Sawtelle Blvd.



Daniel Wu on Europa Report


My friend, Hong Kong-based actor Daniel Wu and I had a short conversation about the indie sci-fi flick, which has been getting press for its slow-burning intensity and sound science, and this is how it went…



Twenty years of Envy (Japanese hardcore/post rock) – Tetsu Fukugawa interview


The group from Japan is celebrating its twentieth anniversary with Invariable Will, Recurring Ebbs and Flows, a killer box set with fourteen LPs, two DVDs and a 100-Page book that contains absolutely everything, starting with its vicious hardcore roots and culminating with its cosmic post rock present.



The District Part 3


That’s Shizu Saldamando who can make any trip more fun.


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