Giant Robot Time: 8.2.13 – David Horvath Uglydoll creator signing next Sat. 8.10 at GR2!

giant robot time: 8.2.13 | art by: theo ellsworth



Art Intersections: Asian-Latino Pop-up Museum

August 6-7, 2013

Silver Spring, MD, Veteran’s Plaza

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I helped work on this and will be in Washington D.C. for a few days. I hope this sort of newer thinking in art proves to be fun for everyone. I’m glad to have included Ako Castuera, kozyndan, Clement Hanami, Albert Reyes and Ana Serrano in this exhibition. (

Curators Eric Nakamura, Shizu Saldamando, and Adriel Luis will project artwork onto the public surfaces of Veterans Plaza, telling the visual stories of Asian-Latino cultural connection as a DJ spins Asian-Latino fusion music. Two evenings of Street Culture & Art programming will feature “pop-up” galleries to transform public space from the utilitarian to the expressive. By way of projection, we map visual stories of Asian-Latino shared culture onto the canvas of our walls-not simply bringing art into public space but making public space into art.

Eric Nakamura will be in attendance both days (Come say hi!).



As Uglydoll puts it: Everybody needs a buddy. Take home Ugly Charlie & Ket or Ninja Batty & Dave Darinko today!


Micro Cubebot

Play with the limbs to create any pose you can imagine. Elastic-band muscles and wooden parts will allow for years of fun!

Jeffrey Brown

Cat Getting Out of a Bag

and Other Observations

A collection of all-new drawings sweetly illustrates the joys of living with a cat.

Hilda Hufalar x GR

Handmade Robot Plush

The talented Hilda Hufalar handmade these Giant Robot logo plushes special for SDCC 2013!

Brian Ralph

Cave In

A fantastical, wordless voyage through subterranean mazes. Cave In is an all ages adventure story.

Taiyo Matsumoto

Sunny Vol. 1

The latest manga masterpiece from the Eisner Award-winning creator of Tekkonkinkreet.

Katsuya Terada – Ten

10 Year Retrospective *Signed*

A beautiful retrospective that features his work for manga, novel illustrations, and character designs.

David Horvath Uglydoll Creator Signing

(Hello Kitty Uglydoll and New Comic “Goin’ Places”)

Saturday, August 10, 2 PM

David Horvath, creator of Uglydoll will be signing at Giant Robot. The largest size Hello Kitty x Uglydoll plushes sold out at Comic Con and we will be selling the 7″ version. We will also have copies of “Goin’ Places”, the new comic out on Viz Comics.

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Stories – A Group Exhibition

August 17 – September 4, 2013

Reception: Saturday, August 17, 6:30–10 PM

Giant Robot is proud to present Stories, an art show featuring new works by Edwin Ushiro, Jen Tong, Jeni Yang, Martin Hsu, Sean Chao, and Tessar Lo.

The commonality of the artists is simply that they’re operating in a similar art environment although they’re located in different parts of North America. Edwin Ushiro, originally from Hawaii draws sublime imagery that often appear dark in message, yet are at times as light as can be. East Coaster, Jen Tong creates imagery that’s reminiscent of a world that’s something like Miyazaki meeting Moebius. Jeni Yang, a consistent exhibitor at Giant Robot works with wood and imagery that includes both cats and snacks. Martin Hsu, now in San Francisco is the creator of Dragon Boy creates a fantasy world that’s screaming to be animated. Sean Chao creates tiny worlds in diorama form. Tessar Lo, from Toronto draws freely and has honed his style that mixes both composition and abstractness.

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GR Screening: Johnnie To’s Drug War

Saturday, August 3

Sundance Sunset Cinema, Los Angeles

Master Director Johnnie To’s DRUG WAR Opens August 2nd in LA at Sundance Sunset Cinema! Special event on Saturday night (8/3) hosted by Giant Robot, with prizes from Well Go USA

Long considered the master of the Hong Kong crime thriller, Johnnie To’s first mainland production eschews “two guns at once” mayhem in favor of atmosphere and a tightly-wound plot punctuated with impeccably choreographed bursts of violence, making DRUG WAR an intricate puzzle box of a film that ignited a firestorm of controversy in its homeland.

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Theo Ellsworth – Laughing Ghost Nation Exhibition Reception Photos


Thank you to all the attendees of last weekend’s reception! Check out photos of Theo doodling for guests, the awesome art, and more!


Jon Moritisugu on Pig Death Machine and his retrospective at the Downtown Independent (L.A.)


Underground filmmaker Jon Moritsugu not only has a mind-blowing new movie out, Pig Death Machine, but he has also been on the receiving end of recent retrospectives in San Francisco and New York City.



Publication Reviews (Comic-Con Edition)


I went to Comic-Con and actually came back with comic books. Go figure! Above, Congressman John Lewis with his graphic novel debut.


2015 Sawtelle Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90025

2062 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025