GR2: Katsuya Terada – Hot Pot Girls Reception

Katsuya Terada Hot Pot Girls Reception Photos. Thanks for coming and hope you enjoy the photos. It’s quite a great exhibition of his work. From illustration to paintings to finished sketchbook drawings.

IMG_8922 IMG_9205 IMG_9203 IMG_9202 IMG_9201 IMG_9200 IMG_9199 IMG_9198 IMG_9197 IMG_9196 IMG_9195 IMG_9194 IMG_9193 IMG_9192 IMG_9191 IMG_9190 IMG_9189 IMG_9188 IMG_9187 IMG_9186 IMG_9185 IMG_9184 IMG_9183 IMG_9182 IMG_9181 IMG_9180 IMG_9179 IMG_9178 IMG_9176 IMG_9175 IMG_9174 IMG_9173 IMG_9172 IMG_9171 IMG_9033 IMG_9029 IMG_9027 IMG_9025 IMG_9020 IMG_8939 IMG_8938 IMG_8937 IMG_8936 IMG_8935 IMG_8934 IMG_8932 IMG_8931 IMG_8930 IMG_8929 IMG_8924 IMG_8920 IMG_8919 IMG_8918

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