Comic Con Day 3 (fri) and 4 (sat)

Jonathan Ross. Yes, I met the journalist / jack-of-all trades genius. It turns out, he knows a lot about what little I have done with Giant Robot. We’re going to hang out one day.

Kid Koala and Dan the Automator signed last minute at our booth. It’s an honor housing two hip hop / music legends.

Mari Inukai signing.

David Horvath signing an Uglycon deck from way back when. They’re now gone.

Gargamel. Enough said. Legends of vinyl figures. I dig how Kiyoka on the right moved to Kyushu to be free from radiation. This is a rad team. Also at the booth are Mike Kelly Le Merde, Kiyoshi, and Bwana.

Scott Wilkowski, figure maker.

Yoskay Yamamoto is signing.

Munky King Party. The Battle. Spanky Stokes MC’d a group of artists. That’s Patrick Ma on the mic. Sucklord watches on.

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