Giant Robot Time: 7.12.13 – Game Night 15 is this Saturday at GR2!

giant robot time: 7.12.13 | art by: takashi murakami


Game Night 15

Featuring our friends: The Behemoth

Saturday, July 13, 7-10 PM

We’ll be a featuring a few games by The Behemoth at Giant Robot 2. We’ll have The Behemoth merch for sale and a special event: BattleBlock Theater tournament. The winning pair get a big prize basket of Behemoth merch! All of the stations will be open to the public so you can play Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater on their Xbox systems.

Here’s a rundown on the games:

Alien Hominid is best described as an homage to the old side scrolling shoot ‘em up games we grew up to love and hate always bringing us back for more.

Castle Crashers-  is a side-scrolling beat-em-up that incorporates a small number of role-playing video game elements.

BattleBlock Theater- players control a prisoner as they are forced to play through games devised by Hatty Hattington. Controls are simple, with the game largely consisting of running, jumping and punching. Levels are made up of various types of blocks, such as collapsing blocks, sticky walls, bouncy volcanic rocks and deadly spikes, and also feature hazards such as water and deadly creatures.

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Signing with Malaysian Artist, Cheeming “Boey”

Saturday, July 20, 2-4 PM

He often draws intricate portraits on styrofoam cups. He’s been featured in multiple videos displaying his craft. Perhaps you’ll get to see him do this. Yet, he’s also promoting a new book, When I Was a Kid, a collection of comics about his youth in Malaysia. The work flows and appears effortless and it goes to show you that the combination of ideas and a simple drawing style work. He draws often and has a blog featuring his daily comic at

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Author and Artist Signing: Katsuya Terada

Monday, July 22, 6:30-8:30 PM

All you have to do is read up on who Katsuya Terada is and you’ll find that he’s worked across many genres from manga, film, video games, concept art and fine art. Terada, from Japan is known for his character design in Blood: The Last Vampire or perhaps The Monkey King comic. His works span generations and he’s influenced a legion of manga artists and fine artists in Japan.

He’ll appear in person to sign and perhaps sketch in copies of his book, “Ten” which features his retrospective in art.

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Pre-order today, ships Summer 2013. Your plush will be signed by Uglydoll creator David Horvath.


Document Folder

A plastic folder sleeve with an inspirational quote adorning the cover.


Apple Leather Mousepad

Delfonics are wonderfully designed simple items from Japan!

Yukinori Dehara

Trading Cards

Includes 16 cards of your favorite wrestler sculptures.

Yukinori Dehara


Wonderfully fun guidebook to go along with Dehara’s solo exhibition.


Stationery Set

Paper, envelopes, and stickers richly patterned with iconic Pantone color chips .

J. Otto Seibold

Lost Sloth

A fun book about a sloth that wins a shopping spree and his consequential adventure.



Theo Ellsworth at GR2

July 27 – August 14, 2013

Reception: Saturday, July 27, 6:30–10 PM

Giant Robot is proud to present Laughing Ghost Nation, an art show featuring new works by Theo Ellsworth.

Theo Ellsworth is promising that this is going to be his biggest show ever. That’s a huge promise and we’re ready for him. He now lives in Montana, has an expanded studio and will be in attendance.

From Wikipedia: “Ellsworth has published two books, including Capacity and Sleeper Car. A story from Sleeper Car was chosen for The Best American Comics 2010.[1] His work has been described as “a cross between cartooning and art, poetry and the nonsensical ramblings of a writer emerging from a dream.”

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Artist Jack Long on his band, White Dove, and the new LP


I’ve been a fan of Jack Long’s since he moved from Providence to Los Angeles. First of his art, as seen in pages of Giant Robot magazine as well as on the walls of its galleries. And now of his music, with the band White Dove.


The latest on Eddie Solis/It’s Casual: Photo Show, Radio Show, Black Flag


His two-man hardcore band It’s Casual has a bunch of listening parties and killer shows coming up, his hometown-centric radio show Los Angeles Nista is taking off, and he even has a photography show coming up in Santa Ana.



Anime Expo Photo Sets


Photos by Dean Gojobori and DJ Tony Jr.


Sawtelle then… GR1 and GR2


Somehow that was GR1.


GR2: Yukinori Dehara – Nendo Pro Wrestling Reception Photos


Thank you to all of the attendees!


Show reviews: The Three O’Clock, SISU, Channel 3, Damien Marley


These days, going to four shows in seven days is a pretty rare and awesome treat for me. Even more amazingly, I took my five year-old daughter to three of them.


GR2: Dehara Yukinori Setting up Nendo Pro Wrestling (Video)


A quick clip of Dehara preparing for his recent solo exhibition.


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