JANM Gala Dinner

The JANM Gala Dinner is an annual event. In 2006, I received a Visionary in the Art award and since then it’s been 3 Biennale Exhibition and a Zen Garage show along with some fun events. Yet, it’s not that much. Last night honored the late Daniel Inouye, the highest ranking politician who was Asian American. Along with him, 2012 was a tough year for Japanese Americans and the night honored them too. The thing about their great accomplishments isn’t about their “day jobs” that’s what they did 9-5. It’s the huge list of things they’ve done outside of it. That’s where they shined.

The silent auction included special lunch with George Takei. That would be fun no matter what.


Norman Mineta, Greg Kimura, and Gordon Yamate. Thanks much for the work, y’all and thanks Gordon Yamate. Glad I didn’t drink the vodka.

What seems like bean soup is actually the bean soup that Daniel Inouye used to eat. It’s the actual recipe for the soup from DC. Evidently, he’d invite people to eat bean soup with him if you donated a certain amount to a certain place. It was nice to have it with him. A great idea for the night if you think about it.

After party shenanigans. That’s a silhouette of Edwin Ushiro waving against a projected photo of… Edwin Ushiro waving.  Photo from GR Biennale 3



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