Takashi Murakami Arhat Exhibition

It’s nice to see a special preview for art. Takashi Murakami blows his art up to epic spaces with his exhibition Arhat. It’s frankly fit for a museum and it’s pretty much at one at Blum and Poe Gallery in Culver City. Three spacious rooms, plus, it’s a great place to see art. Preview night is private and the big opening is saturday. I wish I could go to that too. The work is impressive and massive, even his small pieces are epic. For those of you who are curious, the subject matter includes some Kaikai and Kiki and the self portrait of Murakami, himself, but the newer pieces include what look like yokai, religious imagery, and plenty of influence from Japanese great of the past, Ito Jakuchu.

That’s a portrait of myself with Luke Chueh. The pieces we’re reflected in is a beautiful metallic sculpture. Yes it has KAWS like eyes. Maybe they really are KAWS eyes, but it would be funny if it’s Murakami doing a KAWS, right back at him. 

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