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SFAQ - The Quiet Man Behind the Giant Robot

It's always an honor to be featured in a publication. In our world of noise spouting from every direction, it's special to occupy space in the finite medium of print. SFAQ International Arts and Culture is a publication I've seen but know little about, and this issue is an Asian inspired issue. Somehow I'm nestled next to articles with Takashi Murakami, Makoto Aida, Tim Blum, Ai Weiwei, and many more. The interview request seemed to come out of nowhere, and I have to thank Carlo McCormick, a godfather of art writing for the interview. If Jonathan Gold is a punk rock food critic, Carlo McCormick is the equivalent in art. I'm guessing Carlo picked me for the interview, perhaps as...

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Takashi Murakami at The Orpheum with Pico Iyer

In a small crowded area in downtown LA, Takashi Murakami said, “It’s like when I first saw Giant Robot magazine in New York.” It’s been years since I’ve spoken with Murakami who in between our last meetings, has gone from superstar to megastar, from world wide artist and now filmmaker. I’m not sure which is greater, but he’s the bigger one. Takashi Murakami was the subject of a Q and A at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. The brightly lit marquee spelled out his name as if he were a movie or a band. A line of many recognizable art fans formed outside an hour early. Over 1400 tickets were sold to see him speak with Pico Iyer, an...

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Takashi Murakami Arhat Exhibition

It’s nice to see a special preview for art. Takashi Murakami blows his art up to epic spaces with his exhibition Arhat. It’s frankly fit for a museum and it’s pretty much at one at Blum and Poe Gallery in Culver City. Three spacious rooms, plus, it’s a great place to see art. Preview night is private and the big opening is saturday. I wish I could go to that too. The work is impressive and massive, even his small pieces are epic. For those of you who are curious, the subject matter includes some Kaikai and Kiki and the self portrait of Murakami, himself, but the newer pieces include what look like yokai, religious imagery, and plenty of influence...

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