Save the Children

Giant Robot may be part of the problem, with Game Nights and our annual Game Over art show, but it looks like video game addiction is getting serious in Hong Kong. The South China Morning Post reports on the efforts of social workers, and their plea for financial assistance to help  the “hidden youth” escape the vortex of their computer monitors and walk freely in the sun, under blue skies free of pixels.

“It is most important to engage these youths… We need more funding support. It is rather labour intensive [to reach out to these youths].

“If we just contact them by e-mail, they still sit in front of the computers.”

New tactics must be devised in the war against video game addiction. Please email your suggestions to the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department.

In the wake of Game Developers Conference (GDC) and Wondercon lets all have a moment of silence for the fallen children who are the unwitting victims of the pestilence that is video game addiction.  And let this be a reminder that sometimes it’s a good to step outside and connect with the real world (as long as you can still get wifi).