GR2 Living Depictions: Sarah Lee Interview

Sarah Lee, a Northern Californian graduated from Art Center and has created thought provoking pieces that often feature animals depicting poignant scenes. She’ll be part of Living Depictions opening this weekend at GR2.

GR: A lot of you work features Apes, especially in an older piece for the Game Over exhibition at GR. Can you talk about why apes appear in your work?

SL: Why not apes? In a way they become more interesting to look at outside.

 With apes, essentially they’re all doing human things, but rather than portray a human I’d rather the audience think of the subject as a simpler creature, of one who acts purely out of basic emotion to simplify the narrative. Apes are a reflection of who we are in some ways, the brut power of their strength and their sensitive nature.

Can you talk about the political nature of your work?

SL: The world is a jungle and you’re just trying to survive in it. In addition, Darwin’s theory: “The survival of the fittest,” because it’s a “dog it dog world” out there.

GR: You mentioned you went around the world. How does that impact your art work?

SL: Well my work refencences a lot of old world storytelling from various cultures across the globe. I love learning about folklore, myths etc and applying that inspiration back into my work.

GR: Can you talk about the process of your pieces? The colors are interesting.

SL: Usually wood paper with acrylic, but my work is a jungle sometimes. It gets to a point where I dont know what’s in there anymore. Mixed media works.

GR: Tell me about your latest works?

SL: My lastest work, “No Reservstions” is about Meat.

Meat: divine creature that humans are desperately trying to devour. Except that the animals have had enough, but in reality there’s no way to escape their fate. 

Perhaps a look at food culture’s evolution with food perversion as promoted by shows like Anthony bourdain’s. Also with that same wording these animals are ready to strike with no reservations. With no meat there would be no reservations at restaraunts.