Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

7 Uglycon – It’s not the fact that Uglycon took place after a hiatus, it’s the fact that it ran as smooth as can be. Tying in the neighborhood worked out and that’s now part of my future plans in the area. We’ll do more with the neighborhood. It’ll only get better and we’ll be holding Uglycon 2014 as well. (Uglycon 2013) 8 Obon – I love the Obon in West LA. Because the dates of Comic-Con moved, I can now visit this annual event. It’s a reunion of myself and the neighborhood folks. We also feature an art exhibition at GR2 on the same night to bring in another element. It looks like in 2014, I’ll try and do more with them. (Obon Post) 9 Comic-Con continues on a great trajectory. It’s like relearning something enjoyable and dissecting the nuances on how it all works and then making the tweaks to make it better. The booth rocked it this year. The planning has to start soon for 2014. (Comic Con Pics) 10 Not Banned in DC – I went to the Smithsonian to work on an Asian Latino Project in the form of a pop up exhibition called Intersections in Silver Spring, Maryland and in the following days, participated in a private convening of academics and artists to get the studies in order for upcoming projects. It’s a pleasure to do work like this. Two DC trips in a year. (Smithsonian) 11 Katsuya Terada – Having an artist in residence was something new. Because of this, our horizons expanded just a little bit more. What this all means? We’re not sure, but we’ll be doing more with him next year. (Hot Pot Girls) 12 Post It Show 9 – Again, it’s the 9th time, but it’s getting better and stronger. The last two have been powerful and from 8 to 9 was yet another level of growth. Imagine, 5 people slept overnight in the cold and rain and by opening at 6pm, exactly 100 people were in line. (Post It Show 9) Seeing you – Being in the store 4 or 5 days a week has been a pleasure. I began work in store in 2012 and the fun has been infectious. Each exhibition is a new experience and I have to thank the artists, visitors and everyone online who checks us out.
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