Son of Animal Style hits San Diego on Saturday, Nov. 3

If you missed my Animal Style/Son of Animal Style program of indie skate shorts by friends in Chicago or Honolulu, you have one more chance. It’s showing as part of the San Diego Asian Film Festival on Saturday, November 3 at 1:00. From noir to pop, documentary to music, skateboarding to comedy, it’s pretty rad. And the skaters? The Working Man Tad Suzuki, SGV’s John Lee, Jesse Neuhaus, Stevie Dread, Eric Murphy, Ray Barbee, Mario Rubalcaba, Willy Santos, and Honolulu’s own APB crew are there, in order. Don’t blink or you might miss cameos by Salman Agah and Jef Hartsel, as well.

Check out the program, buy tickets at the festival webpage, and see you there. Pass this on to friends in S.D., too!