Game Night 11 GR2 Saturday October 20th 7-10pm Additions: Astro Duel, Bloop, One Million Hit Points

Just added to Game Night 11. GR2 Saturday October 20th 7-10pm

iPad games: Astro Duel, Bloop and a viewing of One Million Hit Points. 

We’ll also be premiering the latest episode of One Million Hit Points, a new webshow dedicated to video game culture in California.

Astro Duel
Astro Duel is a competitive astroid-style four player space arena for iPad. Inspired from endless nights of Super Bomberman, rounds are quick and death is sudden. Each player’s ship is controlled wirelessly with an iPhone or iPod touch. Arm your ship with 7 different power ups including missiles, lasers and auto-turrets. Varied arena bring a host of hiding places and hazards like death beams and black holes. Blow up your friends, rinse, repeat.

Bloop is a fast, frantic touch game for iPad designed by Rusty Moyher. Two, three, or four players compete to tap the most tiles…at the same time! Easy at first, but soon the tiles shrink and hands collide. Each color plays a unique BLOOP sound, showing your symphonic success or dissonant disaster. As players push their way to victory, this onomatopoeic adventure becomes a hilarious party game.