The Donutman Culture

I’ve blogged about this place too many times, but this isn’t only about donuts.

Southern California is a driving culture. It’s part of our social system. Donutman might be the greatest donut shop we have on the entire West Coast of the USA. Some will say that it’s “just donuts” regardless of how great they may be, but others, like us know otherwise. Yet, like driving over an hour to see shooting meteors from a vantage point better than most, Donutman being 40 miles away is a journey on it’s own. Getting there in Glendora, you see a line. It’s mixed with locals but also with others who drove their distance just to get there. Some eat at the benches, many go to their cars or sit at the side of the building. Donuts are social and the ride there and back are as important as the donuts themselves.



Strawberry is back after a short peach season.


Fresh chocolate. It’s great here.


The line can be long on a weekend night. Dean and Kat must Instagram the photos. It’s tempting to watch them make the donuts like above.


You must leave with a box of donuts. Shame on those who don’t share.